The Olera® team believes we can make a difference and so can you.

Since 2013, team Olera® has taken the lead in the US and Canada to provide seamless and cost competitive Certified Sustainable Palm Oil supply chain solutions.

What is it?

Certified Sustainable Palm Oil refers to oil palm trees grown according to strict rules that protect animals, the environment, and people who live and work in oil palm producing countries.

Why it is necessary?

As the global demand for food crops increases, our need to produce more food leads to ever widening expansion of large-scale agriculture. This puts pressure on the natural environment negatively affecting the plants, animals, and people it supports.

How does it help?

Protects the environment and wildlife/ Safeguards social interests, communities, and workers / Supports poverty reduction / Fulfills increasing global food demand / Supports affordable food prices

Fulfills Increasing Global Food Demand.

Supports Affordable Food Prices.

Support Poverty Reduction.

Safeguard Social Interests Communities and Workers.

By taking a leadership role in bringing RSPO Segregated Level Certified Sustainable Palm Oil solutions to the North American market we will positively impact:

  • Environmental Protection – Through Biodiversity & Forest Protection, Soil and Water Conservation, & GHG Emission Reduction
  • Social Equity – Encouraging Rights, Participatory Process & Better Livelihoods
  • Economic Prosperity – Through Yield Improvements & Increasing Enterprise Resilience
  • Future Generations –  In proving that sustainable production and supply chains can have lasting benefits for us all